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Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply is a high efficiency, high powered Isolated PC/104 form factor power supply with extended temperature capabilities. Xtreme/PSU Isolated provides isolated power to on-board terminal block connectors and also directly powers all of the PC/104 family expansion buses such as PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PCI/104-Express and PCIe/104.

Xtreme/PSU Isolated is a highly reliable power supply which provides up to 195W of total output power with +3.3V, +5V, and +12V output voltages. It can be used as a stand-alone power supply to power any other embedded system, or used directly to power any PC/104 stack or single board computer (SBC).

Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply has a wide input voltage range that accepts +9V to +36V DC and is specifically designed for use in a broad range of rugged applications including military, industrial, and air and ground vehicles. Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply can be used in combination with Connect Tech’s stackable CPU and expansion boards for a total design solution.


Power Series Options

Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply is available in 3 different power series (LP, SP, HP) for an ideal end power solution:

Xtreme/PSU Isolated Power Supply
Power Series Options

(PXG201, PXG202, PXG203, PXG204, PXG205, PXG206)

(PXG101, PXG102, PXG103, PXG104, PXG105, PXG106)

(PXG301, PXG302, PXG303, PXG304, PXG305, PXG306)
Input Voltage Range +9V to +36V DC +9V to +36V DC +18V to + 36V DC
Isolation Rating 1.5kV 1.5kV 2.25kV
+3.3V Output Current 20A 5A 5A
+5V Output Current 15A 15A* 15A*
+12V Output Current - 6A 10A
Total Power 141W 147W 195W
* SP & HP +3.3V rail is derived from the +5V rail

Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply offers the following features:

  • Up to 2.25kV of isolation

  • Up to 195W of total output power

  • +5V @ up to 15A

  • +3.3V @ up to 20A

  • +12V @ up to 10A

  • Available with PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PC/104, PCI/104-Express, PCIe/104 expansion

  • Advanced active input power protection


Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU Isolated product family includes the following part numbers and build options:

  • Xtreme/PSU Isolated Power Supply - SP:

    • PXG101: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PC/104-Plus)

    • PXG102: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PC/104)

    • PXG103: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCI-104)

    • PXG104: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCIe/104)

    • PXG105: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCI/104-Express)

    • PXG106: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (Embedded)

  • Xtreme/PSU Isolated Power Supply - LP:

    • PXG201: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PC/104-Plus)

    • PXG202: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PC/104)

    • PXG203: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCI-104)

    • PXG204: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCIe/104)

    • PXG205: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCI/104-Express)

    • PXG206: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (Embedded)

  • Xtreme/PSU Isolated Power Supply - HP:

    • PXG301: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PC/104-Plus)

    • PXG302: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PC/104)

    • PXG303: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCI-104)

    • PXG304: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCIe/104)

    • PXG305: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCI/104-Express)

    • PXG306: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (Embedded)

At Connect Tech, we recognize the unique requirements of every application. We are dedicated to delivering the right solution to accommodate customer requirements, new industry standards, and engineering design enhancements.

Connect Tech's team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced. They offer several years of experience in custom designs and will work with you to implement a solution that will meet your needs. Our custom design services can be applied at any stage of a project, and our experience ensures that we can deliver a cost-effective, custom solution within a narrow timeline. You can count on us for product quality, expert advice and services that will enhance your business value.