Radar Sensor Banda Doppler X 10.525GHz



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This is a Microwave moving object detector which is designed by Doppler Radar principle.
It is mainly used in automatic door control,  safety guard system, automatic video control system, etc. This module use 10.525 GHz band to detect moving.
The non-contact detection;
Independent of temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, etc., suitable for the harsh environment;
Strong resistance to RF interference;
The output power is small, and did not constitute a hazard to the human body;
Long-distance: the detection range of more than 20 meters .
  • A transmitting frequency: 10.525 GHz
  • frequency setting accuracy: 3MHz
  • Output power (minimum): 13dBm EIRP
  • Operating voltage: 5V 0.25V
  • Operating Current (CW): 60mA max., 37mA typical
  • harmonic emission: <-10dBm
  • pulse operating modes:
  • average current (5% DC): 2mA typ.
  • Pulse width (Min.): 5uSec
  • duty cycle (Min.): 1%
  • Sensitivity (10dB S / N ratio) 3Hz to 80Hz bandwidth:-86dBm
  • 3Hz to 80Hz bandwidth clutter 10uV
  • Antenna Gain: 8dBi
  • vertical plane 3dB beamwidth: 36 degrees
  • horizontal plane 3dB beamwidth: 72 degrees
  • weight: 8 g
  • Specifications: 37 × 45 × 8mm

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