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Precio  $134.00 

Microcontrolador de Microchip de la familia PIC18F de montaje supercial. Este microcontrolador tiene excelentes prestanciones. 





      • Up to 12 MIPS Performance
      • C compiler optimized RISC architecture
      • 8x8 Single Cycle Hardware Multiply
      • Internal oscillator support 31 kHz to 8MHz and 4xPLL
      • Voltage range 2.0V to 3.6V

LCD Module

      • An integrated LCD driver module, capable of driving 48 segments and 4 commons for LCD display
      • Integrated LCD Voltage Boost Regulator

nanoWatt Power Managed Modes

      • Run, Idle and down to 0.1uA SLEEP

Analog Features

      • 10-bit ADC, 12 channels, 100K samples per second
      • Low Voltage Detection Module
      • Brown-out-Reset Module
      • Two Analog Comparators

Other Peripherals

    • Master Synchronous Serial Port supports SPI™ and I2C™ master and slave mode
    • EUSART module including LIN bus support
    • Four Timer Modules
    • Two CCP