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El OLIMEXINO 32U4 contiene un microcontrolador ATmega32u4. La tarjeta es compatible en pines y en software al Arduino, usa el mismo IDE y se programa igual. Esta tarjeta tiene algunas mejoras respecto al Arduino original, te invitamos a que revises todos los enlaces de interesa para que te des una idea. Esta tarjeta esta basada en el Arduino Leonardo.




  • ATMEGA32U4 microcontroller, all in one USB communication no need for external FTDI chip.
  • Input power supply 7-12VDC
  • ULTRA LOW POWER voltage regulators and the consumption is only few microamps, which enables hand-held and battery powered applications.
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery power supply option with a BUILD-IN on board charger, so when you attach a battery, it is automatically charged and kept in this state until the other power source (USB or external adapter) is removed and it will AUTOMATICALLY power the board - no jumpers, no switches!
  • Works both on 3.3V and on 5V which can be selected with a jumper, so 3.3V and 5V shields can be used
  • UEXT connector which allows many existing modules like RF, ZIGBEE, GSM, GPS to be connected
  • Allows real-time clock (Q1 can be replaced by RTC).
  • NOISE IMMUNE design
  • the LEDs and the button BUT are on the edge of the board so there is easy access even if the boards have shields on them
  • All of the components are LOWER than the connectors, so that the shields don't interfere with them
  • A Mini USB connector is used, which is common and used in most cell phones, so you do not have to buy other cables
  • Original design had a flaw - the connectors were not spaced at 0.1" which made bread board use impossible, to keep the compatibility we have the original spacing but we also added a 0.1'' connector which customer can use with bread boards (and jumper wires) saving the hustle of soldering
  • All signals on the connectors are printed on the top of the board, so when you check with a probe you will know exactly which port you are measuring
  • 4 mount holes make board attachment easier







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