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El kit de terminales para tarjetas FeatherWing permite la conexión de las tarjetas, ideal para el cableado de instalaciones temporales o permanentes. También incluye un par de pines y terminales adicionales para las conexiones a tierra y 3,3 V ya que son muy útiles. Puedes montar cada pin y terminales según sea tu necesidad y tarjeta a utilizar, se hizo con un tamaño mejorado a su versión anterior.



  • Fácil de montar cada componente.
  • Incluye 4 terminales de 2 posiciones.
  • Incluye 8 terminales de 3 posiciones.
  • Incluye interruptor para montaje.
  • Incluye tira de pines.


  • Dimensiones: 64x51x12 mm.
  • Peso: 08 g.
  • Marca: Adafruit.
  • Cantidad: 1 Kit.




Ideal para todas las tarjetas FeatherWing y realices cada proyecto con una facil conexion.




The Terminal Block Breakout FeatherWing kit is like the Golden Eagle of prototyping FeatherWings (eg. majestic, powerful, good-looking). To start, you get a nice prototyping area underneath your Feather, with extra pads for ground, 3.3V and SDA/SCL. Not one to stop there, we expanded the PCB out to 2" x 2.5" with 3.5mm pitch terminal blocks down each side. There's also four mounting holes so you can attach the breakout to your enclosure or project.

This product works with all our Feathers! The terminal blocks allow you to connect to any of the external Feather pins, great for wiring temporary or permanent installations. We also give you a few extra terminal block pins for ground and 3.3V connections since those are so useful.

Finally, there's a spot for soldering in a slide switch. This connect the EN pin to ground when in the 'off' position, cutting off the 3.3V regulator. Note that the FONA Feather uses both VBat and 3.3V as power supplies so you wont be able to fully turn off the FONA Feather with this switch.

Comes as a kit with a nice PCB, socket headers, terminal blocks, and a slide switch. Soldering is required to assemble the Terminal Block Breakout FeatherWing, but it's not too tough if you've got a soldering iron and some basic hand tools.